Begin Your Healing Journey


Energy Healing Coaching Sessions, Courses, & Retreats

Embark on your amazing healing adventure today! Whether it is in the comforts of your own home through a Virtual Healing Experience, taking time for you at one of our deeply healing nature-filled Destination Healing Retreats or joining us for a very beautiful inner circle liveaboard adventure on our ‘Breathless’ Sailing Yacht Charters, you will be certain to have an awe-inspiring healing experience and make the deep connections your soul has been craving.

Embrace a Energy Healing Lifestyle

What is Energy Healing? Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. So if we look at our life and view it as an observer, what will we be witness to? Who will we see? Are we happy, sad, embracing life fully? There is such a huge range of choices we have every moment of everyday. One quote that that helps explain this is from Jim Rohn, The same wind blows on us all…it is the setting of the sails that will determine our direction in life.”  We all literally have been granted a life full of moments to do what we want with them. We offer support and teach ‘Energy Healing Skills’ that every human should empower themselves with to make it easier to navigate and heal as you move through your life.

Breathless Adventure Healing Journey’s are dedicated to hold a space for those who would like to lean in and make a conscious choice inside of themselves to live a full life that they can be personally proud of! It’s a bunch of ‘moments’ that are all line up and as we look back we can we say, ‘I REALLY lived!’ Our hearts desire is to share that kind of journey with others in this world. So come on a deeply compelling journey, live more consciously in your life and make our tiny blue planet a little bit better for yourself and every other soul living on it. 

Benefits of Energy Healing & Self-Care.  You most likely have heard the saying, “We are all connected.”  This is true and it has never felt so apparent as we all feel the intensity of our experiences increase as we all live together often bumping around and wondering how to traverse our course. The more we learn about the subtle parts of ourselves and practice self-healing, the less we will falter and bumble into each other and that give us a much more enjoyable journey. The benefits of learning an energy healing practice and listening to our own inner wisdom is truly impossible to measure, but it brings peace and understanding, inspiration and strength, joy and beauty which is mentioning only a very tiny part of the affect we can have on own own lives and all the world around us.

What to Expect? 

  • Support from friends that care about you an the world we live in. 
  • To face your challenges with a truth and compassion you have not known so deeply. 
  • To be in wonder about the adventure that unfolds around you.   
  • To learn more about yourself and the power, love and strength you have inside of you whenever you choose to call on it.  
  • More of YOU! The part of you that may have been forgotten about and the dreams you lost hope in or didn’t dare to ever really take a chance on.
  • Miracles. 
  • To fall in love with the life you have been given to live!

Group Healing Experience

Two times each month we offer a virtual Group Healing Experience. Every experience will have a different focus and will give you an opportunity to feel and be guided on a deep healing connection. Come with all life has given to you and be met with compassionate healing energy that has been waiting just for you! You will also receive the extra healing power of a group as it has it’s own amazing benefits as our energy will complement and support the ‘whole’ as you arrive to this space for your very personal and deep healing. 

Distance Healing Coaching Sessions

If you have something happening in your life that you are not getting the results or experience you want or maybe you recognize you haven’t been able to find your way through it on your own.  The Distance Healing & Coaching sessions are the perfect fit for you! Kim will support you personally with her gifts & healing skills that will ignite a deep healing inside of you that will feel like you are coming home to a deep part of you that gets results.

Self Healing Courses 

Set yourself free! You may find that you have deeper inspiration to learn more skills in your tool box of self healing and are ready to empower yourself to an really amazingly upleveled life! We all have moments that come to a place peace & healing with the help of others, but it does feel amazing to be empowered with skills that can help you walk through transitions at anytime of your life! Our courses are designed to support you while you learn new tools that free yourself to live the life of your dreams.

Destination Healing Retreats & Sailing Charters

Do you crave nurturing and healing? Do you want to hit the pause button in your life and take some time out just for you? Our ‘Destination Healing Retreats are a perfect opportunity to learn, grow and to spend time listening to your inner voice. There are many different times in our lives that we can take advantage of what is in front of us, but there is something really special about taking the time in our lives for restoration that is just for you.  Our retreats always have an embrace from of the awesome power of nature and a deep experience of compassionate healing that supports and helps you to grow.

Sailing Live-aboard Charters

Live aboard ‘Breathless’ for a truly beautiful and amazing journey of a lifetime!  Experience the adventures of sailing and the awesome wonders of Mother Nature as you live-aboard with us in our luxury 77′ motor sailing yacht.  From deep sea fishing to diving the Great Barrier Reef, exploring untouched islands or learning new healing practices that touch you in the most deep places of our souls. You can choose a journey of your dreams personalized just for you that will last after its time to go back to your life after ‘Breathless Adventure’! The possibilities are endless as we literally circumnavigate the globe.  Let your adventure begin!

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