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We love traveling. We love finding new places to explore, meeting new people and learning about their experiences. We love finding new landscapes and natural wonders, ranging from beautiful sandy beaches to haunting volcanoes to Sahara-style sand dunes.

We also love sharing our experiences and connecting with people. This page allows us to do just that through photos, videos and blogs. You can also find information about where we’ve been and where we’re planning to be, including upcoming trips and itineraries. Our hope is that you’ll join us in our journey, whether through following our experiences on this website or our social media pages, or meeting up with us during our travels as we journey around the world! 




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Discover all the details of our adventures exploring new landscapes, cultures and foods, by following our most recent blog posts below.  

A Grounding Experience

A Grounding Experience

A Grounding Experience A few shots from a walk through the woods not too far away from Alice & Tony's place. The more I travel the more I realize how tough it can be for me to stay grounded. The weather here in Germany is at the end of summer so the days are sunny...

Travel, Healing and Wellness

When we go on a trip – short or long, close or far away – we have the opportunity to heal. We are more capable of cleansing our minds.  We are more likely to open our hearts. Changing the environment we are in, whatever that may be, has proven to be one of the best ways to give our bodies and our minds peace, rest and fulfillment. 

Travel forces us to be in-the-moment, encouraging us to focus on the present instead of the past or future. Because we are more aware of our surroundings, we’re more open to receiving inspirations and epiphanies. Travel also often positively changes our moods, taking away any negative energy or stress. Travel also, in many ways, can encourage us to be thankful – thankful for what we have in our families, relationships and homes. This thankfulness can help us spread goodness and kindness to everyone we come into contact with. 

The next time you’re traveling, give yourself the opportunity to stop, heal and restore hope in yourself and others. It might make the next journey the most healing experience of your life!


Our Upcoming Trips

Whether you live in one of the countries or cities we are planning to explore, or plan to be along the same route at the same time, we’d love to connect! Check out our plans and itineraries for the next several months below to explore opportunities to join us on our journey!

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