Take a Journey . . .

Breathe Deeper . . .

Sail Away . . .

Relax and Renew your Soul . . .

Make Deep Connections . . .


Breathless is a 77-foot motor sail ketch that has been completely refitted to become a modern blue-water sailing vessel. She is rigged to cruise the world and we plan to do just that!

Our adventure begins from Port Stiges, Spain, and will continue as we travel and meet different people, cultures, foods, and become immersed in nature and many breathtaking inspirations.

Our hope is to share our adventure with you as we expand our awareness of the world through the beauty, trials and surprises on this venture.  We all begin right where we are, and so, we humbly invite you to share in our experience as we sail across our little blue planet.   

Our Crew


Roland is an immigrant from the Friuli region of Northern Italy. He came to America as a nine and a half year old on the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth. Crossing the Atlantic, he was enthralled by the majesty and power of the ocean and Mother Nature. The ocean has tugged at his heartstrings ever since.  S0 we packed our bags and have been traveling ever since. His passion is to experience life, cultures, foods and spirituality throughout the planet.

Kim, born in the heartland of America, has been active in her passion for wellness and healing and is open to almost any adventure.  She loves exploring, finding new playgrounds and people to share them with. She has a deeply sensitive soul and feels a spiritual connection to nature. Her passion is to share experiences from the heart to inspire others to heal, love themselves and the world around us.  


Explore our Earth! Sharing our stories through photos and videos and various audio pieces…hopefully the adventure will come ‘alive’ for you to enjoy with us.

Let us take you on our journey with us! See where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. Meet us at one of our stops or just check in on how we’re doing and what we’re seeing. Adventure awaits!

We have many friends around the world and find it challenging to keep current with the people we love. This blog helps us do just that! Enjoy and take a peak into our lives as we meander through the many different adventures we’ll experience!

Reach out! Breathless Adventure is always available for a chat or a meet up. We love hosting family, friends, and meeting new people. Join us on our adventure!


Do you like to travel? Come and meet us at a destination around the world! We love spending time with our friends and family and would love to share our passion of exploration!

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